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by | Sep 20, 2010 | VO Business | 4 comments


Hey, it’s only the 20th, and we’ve been havin’ so much fun thus far…let’s keep up the momentum for National Voice Over Month!

Two new PSA’s…and these are TRUE :30 spots that you could take to any radio station, and they’d be good (:29 total)

The first one is a simple dialogue spot using the voices of Melissa Exelberth and James Clamp.


The next one (again, :29) is another compilation spot, like the one we released earlier this month.  There are 16 voices on this :30:
Lee Gordon, George Washington III, Liz de Nesnera, Jodi Krangle, Justin S. Barrett, Lindsay Martell, Ken Maxon, Rowell Gormon, Mike Coon, Doug Turkel, Linda Ristig, Melanie Haynes, Trish Basanyi, David Houston and Daniel Wallace.  The tag is Michael Schoen.

Visit the NVOM site: to click on the logos of the above talent if you’d like to visit their site.


My thanks to these talented, dedicated and passionate voice actors who pay-if-forward many times over.

Feel free to “borrow”, re-use, re-purpose, or otherwise distribute either of these files as you see fit.  Here are the links:




CourVO Newsletter


  1. Bobbin Beam

    Most people don’t often think about how much more there is to voiceover. This PSA brings that point home.

  2. Amelia Brooks

    Well Put! Well Said! Well Done!

  3. Jodi Krangle

    LOVE how you’re putting these together, Dave. Great job! 😀

    • Jodi Krangle

      Oh – just so you know, my name is spelled with an “i”. 🙂 (I know. I’m such a troublemaker… :D)


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