Memory This

by | Jul 16, 2010 | Software

Have I mentioned Evernote?  I should’ve waaaaay before this.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t write a memo to myself in Evernote to write this blog…until earlier this week.

Evernote is my memory.  It’s software in the cloud.  It’s software on my computer.  It’s software on my iPhone.

I write notes, I type notes, I voice notes, I send notes to Evernote through Twitter, through my phone, on email.  When I voice notes, they get transcribed to printed memos.

I save great articles I find on the internet, sound files, pictures, thoughts, ideas, to-do’s.

I save log-ins, passwords, addresses, business cards, all manner of minutiae because my mind is not perfect, but Evernote is darn close, and it’s all accessible from anywhere, ’cause no matter where or how I input the data…it automatically syncs and saves. It interfaces with my Eye-Fi card, and my Jott account.

I can categorize and search.  It even searches scanned pictures for words…and it’s dead-on accurate.

Evernote has 3-million users and it’s growing fast.  It’s a community.  It’s a force of culture…and users keep coming up with new ways of using it the developers never imagined. (See Evernote Blog).

Talk about your ultimate productivity tool!




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