What’s a VST Plug-in?

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Steinberg developed it.  Steinberg Gmbh is a German musical software and equipment company based in Hamburg (Wikipedia).  BTW, Gmbh is pronounced Guh-Em’-buh-hah…I know…I had to research it once.  It’s an abbreviation like Ltd., or LLC…only for international firms.  Steinberg’s best-known software products in our line of work are probably CuBase, Nuendo, and WaveLab.

But back to VST’s.  If you use a DAW, you probably have VST’s under your “effects” library.  Most modern software DAW’s recognize a plethoria of VST plug-ins, or modules that emulate certain audio effects.

Again, from Wikipedia:  “VST plugins are generally run within a Digital Audio Workstation, providing the host application with additional functionality. Most VST plugins can be classified as either instruments (VSTi) or effects, although other categories exist. VST plugins generally provide a custom GUI, displaying controls similar to the physical switches and knobs on audio hardware. Some (often older) plugins rely on the host application for their UI.

VST instruments include software simulation emulations of well-known hardware synthesizer devices and samplers, emulating the look of the original equipment and its sonic characteristics. This enables VSTi users to use virtual versions of devices that may be otherwise difficult to obtain.”

There.  Clear as mud?

I’m only on to this at 3:05 on a Thursday morning, PST…because I’ve spent the last 2 hours configuring my Adobe Audition 3.0 software to accept Source-Connect as a VST plug-in. I was using Source-Element’s own free ‘desktop’ interface, but when I talked to the Source-Connect people at VOICE2010, they assured me it would work with AA3.0 as well.  They were right.  Pretty slick, actually.  Works great!

I’d been neglecting my Source-Connect account for a while, so this was a welcome re-visit of its functionality. The bulk of those two hours was spent re-configuring the ‘port-forwarding’ for my static IP address, so I would get a more reliable connection for my SC.  It all worked, and these things don’t always happen that way.

Need to know more?  Contact Frank Frederick sometime.  He could be Steinberg’s Chief Engineer for all I know.  The guy has it down.




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  1. Frank Baum

    Good basic intro.

    And I feel for you in reconfiguring a VST into the effects chain!

    Source Elements also says it will work with Vegas Pro video and audio rcording software. I’m waiting for the final key to doing just that. Simple effects such as flanging are drag and drop into the effects library.

    A possible practical idea – Buy a dedicated computer second hand for “studio-out” work.
    Security is the main idea. Open ports and forwarded ports are weak spots even if properly identified as exceptions in the port assignments and fireall setups.

    Computers are shifting upward into windows 7 and a lot of hardware changes have happened in the last couple of years. I can buy a multimedia desktop cpu that only needs a good sound card put into it for a hundred dollars.

    Another idea – the OEM hdd setup concept. Builders get special software to replicate a “master hard drive” in as many machines as they sell. All software fited to exactly the same hardware. The parallel is two duplicate drives and full bootable copies made of the “original audio processor computer boot/software drive”. If a crash happens, swap one for the crashed, carry on. Use the extra oem setup drive to be copied to the replacement for the crashed. Suddenly you are a can-do studio.

    Super blog. PLeasure to be acquainted. Hope to become better acquainted. Enjoy! fmb


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