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We gripe about the chunk they take out for the convenience of safe, instant payment…but PayPal is almost a de-facto standard for quick online payment from VO clients.

PayPal is now charging the same for all accounts. The formula is 2.9% + .30USD.  So sending or receiving $100 is gonna cost the sender or the receiver $3.20.

Make it easy.  Visit THIS site for an unbelievably convenient and quick calculation of ANY PayPal transaction amount.

Also, THIS is PayPal’s ‘help’ page explaining their fee structure.

I usually ask the client to pay that handling fee, and almost without exception or complaint, I get compliance.




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  1. Paul Strikwerda

    A few additions:

    – The international fee when non-U.S. people pay you is 3.9% + $0.30. – – PayPal charges the buyer a 2.5% currency conversion fee if he’s paying you in a different currency than you asked for.
    – PayPal fees are rounded using arithmetic rounding. So $4.505 rounds to $4.51, not $4.50.


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