Do Lower Rates Mean More Clients?

by | Jun 16, 2010 | Freelance

Lately I’m identifying more with the title “freelancer” than voice-actor.  As a business model, it’s probably a more honest and realistic approach.   Most every other freelancer — be they web authors, CAD Designers, or still photographers – have to tackle the same challenges of running their own business.

As such, I love the website: FREELANCE FOLDER.  The site has consistently great suggestions for handling generic freelance business issues.

So, to be clear, the above title comes from a blog article written by freelance author Laura Spencer.  I hope she won’t mind that I send you there to read it.  All the credit goes to her.  I’m just the conduit.  But please read it…this issue ALWAYS seems to garner attention among voice actors.

While I’m at it, let me lend a shameless plug for my LinkedIn VoiceOver group covering this very issue:  SETTING VOICEOVER RATES.  In no time, about 100 people have joined this group.




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