A Sublime Predicament

by | Jun 18, 2010 | Business-end-of-things | 2 comments

For months, I’ve been working to be paperless.  I’m almost there.  So much so, that routines and devices I used years ago, I now view as somewhat quaint (daytimers, notepads, and Palm Pilots).

I confess a weakness for fountain pens, so I’ll never be entirely free, but for the most part I think my efforts have been fruitful and timesaving.

However, I could use your help.  While I keep my business finance records with Intuit’s QuickBooks,  maintain a chronology of jobs and contacts more or less through e-mail, and categorize my completed jobs in a subdirectory structure on my hard drive,  I’ve yet to find a quick non-paper method for keeping track of the following:

–pending jobs (date when the deal is consummated)
–jobs in process  (with its associated deadline)
–completed jobs ( and when completed)
–sufficient details of the job to finish an invoice the client will recognize (using their nomenclature)
–date of invoice sent
–date of payment received
–associated contact details would be nice

I’ve fiddled around with “Time & Chaos” and MS Outlook…but nothing seems to hit the mark.





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  1. Jodi Krangle

    Hi Dave. Have you tried PerformerTrack? It’s an online yearly membership and frankly, I’ve found it to be extremely helpful. It’s also specifically designed for performers.

    There are ways of keeping track of your expenses for *each job*, storing the contacts associated with each job, and lots of other nifty little things. I probably only use a quarter of its capability myself, but as the years pass, I’ll be making use of it more and more.

    They had a special deal on at Voice 2010 – I think the membership was $99 per year. Maybe if you mentioned you were the MC so you were really really busy and didn’t get the chance to check out their booth, they may give you a deal? It’s worth asking …


  2. Matt Cowlrick

    Hey Dave,
    That PerformerTrack does sound pretty effective and comprehensive. If you decide not to go that way, I find Microsoft Excel (or the OpenOffice equivalent) to be really fine.

    What I do is organise pretty much every point you mentioned in to a separate column on a spreadsheet. Not so much the deadline and the pending job details (however, that is a great idea – thanks!), but it has worked fine for me so far.

    If you like, I can email you the template of what I have already and you can see if it suits you!



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