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by | May 6, 2010 | Compensation

You’d have to be living in a voiceover-proof invisible dome not to hear about the goings-on with VoiceJockeys and atty Robert Sciglimpaglia.  I’ve been blogging about it myself relentlessly for the last three days, and this will be an addendum, then I promise to let it go until the “next big thing”.


The world continues to turn, the sun comes up in the East, and Muamar Q’adaffi is still the dictator of Libya.

Read this comment sent by Mike Elmore in response to yesterday’s blog:

“I know this is a heated issue. I personally think VO people spend WAYY too much time worrying about this. Yes it is a bee in the bonnet…but this market will more than likely always exist (as clients will always exist that either can’t afford our rates OR know they don’t have to pay them because there IS this market of VO people as well. Of course there is the argument that you get what you pay for. But if the client is satisfied and they paid 50.00 instead of 300.00…then I guess they got a good deal and fueled this new arm of the market even more.

I too find it almost shocking that VO people have so much friggin’ time on their hands. So much time to gossip and complain and judge and say LOOK AND ME, LOOK AT ME…lol …on these boards and things. Why not spend this time marketing? Anyway…I just think it’s something that is there/here….and why waste so much time talking about it? I personally feel like I have typed enough about it in the last 5 minutes to last me a lifetime. But to each his own. I must admit I do enjoy READING thru these things from time to time…but I certainly don’t have enough time to create them…so…guess I’m glad someone does~~”

Just another opinion, I know, but one that hilites a struggle I have every day.  Priorities.  VO has an extremely high level of attention in my life right now.  Personally, I love following the trends, working the Social Media, attending the forums, and contributing with my blog.  But at the end of the day, I have to audition, market, invoice, and seek coaching ,just as relentlessly.

I will support Rob Sciglimpaglia in every way.  I think his tack has merit.  In fact, I want to mention his new blog designed to expose online P2P sites like VoiceJockeys (and you know who you are).  It’s called TREAT VOICE OVER ACTORS FAIRLY.  Let Rob know of every unscrupulous site you think undercuts our industry with mercenary pricing and policies.

Also, be sure to visit John Florian’s VoiceOverXtra site for the latest installment of this stand-off.  HERE.




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