5 Reasons Why VO’s Should Make the Computer Their Friend

by | Apr 5, 2010 | Technology

‘Wonderful article in a recent issue of WIRED that made me think.

Clive Thompson writes in “Advantage: Cyborgs” on our inevitable and growing reliance on computers.

The general conclusion? Computers aren’t necessarily smarter than humans, nor are humans necessarily smarter than computers.

“The most brilliant entities on the planet….are average-brained people who are really good at blending their smarts with machine smarts.”

Boy Howdy!

1-Remember that, when you’re choosing the right DAW.
2-Understand that when selecting the microphone perfect for your voice.
3-Realize that when
you decide whether to take jobs that have a lot of editing.
4-Analyze that when you buy an ISDN product.
5-Synthesize that when setting up your audio chain.

You have talents.  Technology can help.  Sometimes a lot.  But it’s not a magic box.

Practice. Coaching. Practice.  Read the manual.  Practice.  Audition.

Learn to get along with the machine so it’s your friend, not your roadblock.




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