Globalization. What are we in for?

by | Jan 5, 2010 | Analysis

globe Below, read the verbatim e-mail I rec’d yesterday from the manager of an overseas VO talent agency asking for answers and/or help on structuring pricing for possible new Chinese clients.

We’ve seen how virtually every industry once dominated by America has time and again been outsourced, moved, or had it’s bottom line forced down by non union-controlled markets elsewhere in the world.

Should we expect the same in voice-acting?


I hope you are doing fine. This is not regarding any assignment; however I would like get the perspective on the pricing system.

We would like to know the following-
1)        Can you work out on the pricing system of per minute basis on some assignments.

2)        We are planning to get voiceover assignments from China market. However, since it is a new market all together from Japanese, we have to work out on a different pricing system.
Hence, please let us know the rate break on per minute basis. Preferably, lower rates if possible to get more assignments in new markets.

3)        Also, if you have any particular suggestion on this pricing system we welcome your suggestion on this.

Comments?  Per minute?




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