Have VO, Will Travel

by | Aug 14, 2009 | Travel

my daughter, Grace, driving through Colorado with me

my daughter, Grace, driving through Colorado with me

Weekly travel should be part of my marketing and cold-calling business plan.

The chances of my landing some new job while traveling is next-to-nil…and then it ALWAYS happens…from the least-expected angle.

THAT’s why I always pack my mobile gear…no question.

Sure enough…first day out…a phone call from someone I’ve never met, seeking my voice on a project.

‘Not looking a gift-horse in the mouth, mind you…just marveling at the way the universe turns.

Now, where am I gonna find the time to cut that audio in the midst of a frantic 4,000 mile trip to Illinois and back to Las Vegas?!!  ‘Not sure, but I will!

Somewhere near Vail, CO

Somewhere near Vail, CO

(Oh yeah, that reminds me…I totally miscalculated the distance for this trip.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?…it’s roughly 2,000 miles each way…here I am just over the border from Colorada…about half-way…I haven’t even tackled Kansas yet, and I’m right at 1,000 miles on the trip odometer).




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