The Billboard Said….

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“…don’t be fooled by fake free checking…”

How would you read that if it was a :30 spot?

Is it fake-free checking?….or is it fake free-checking?

ear-closeupWord linkage is vitally important.  So much of what we read can be almost a throw-away line to the listener’s ear, even when the client insists it be included in the copy.

“The Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Authority” is a phrase of 7 words that can be just glossed over to the listener or viewer who’s familiar with it.  No need to emphasize…just get on with the important stuff…”decided to continue using it’s ‘what-happens-in-Vegas-stays-in-Vegas’ branding promotion for another year”.

See…scoot right past it…save some time for what the listener is REALLY supposed to remember.

Why else do you think I chose NomSayn as the name of my company.?  “Do You Know What I Am Saying?”

7 letters that equal 7 words when you whisk through them.




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