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by | Jun 17, 2009 | Social/Professional Networking

    Each voice actor brings to the table a different FOCUS skill for which they could arguably be labeled as “expert” beyond the jack-of-all-trades stuff like marketing, recording, cold-calling, and editing that we all must develop as core competencies.

    I look at George Whittam, and his prowess with equipment and audio engineering.  Kara Edwards and her knowledge of character animation, and JS Gilbert with his experience in video games.

    I’ve always struggled to determine that which I’m best at…certainly not marketing…and I’ve had my wrist slapped many times of late for stupid mistakes in audio engineering.  Many of my long-time friends call me a “Renaissance Man” for my broad understanding of many things…but that doesn’t do much for my hope of focusing on a distinctive skill that I could call my own.

    Many’s the time I’ve chosen not to post, here, of Web 2.0 stuff that I discover, ‘cause I figure we’re ALL trolling the internet to find what we need and use for our business…but I think I’m finding that my singular passion may lie in this area.  Social Networking and cutting-edge internet-based innovations are fascinating to me for the possibilities they bring to our lives and our business.tweetdeck

    I’m choosing from now on to post more of what I find…not because it’s always pertinent to the voice-over business DIRECTLY…but certainly indirectly in the sense of how such tools MAY apply to the business of voiceovers, that no one’s discovered yet.

    In that vein…here’s another gem: TweetDeck, the odds-on favorite 3rd-party Twitter-application GUI interface now has an iPhone App that words just as wonderfully as it’s PC or Mac-based counterpart.  Free and helpful.  I love it most for searches.  Have Tweetdeck search for voiceover or #voiceover sometime, and you’ll learn things.




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