Blogging Illusions?

by | May 19, 2009 | Op/Ed

Blogging-727509 Almost two years…651 posts…countless hours…

Blogging is fun.  I've discovered I have a talent for writing and sharing.  I enjoy connecting dots for people, and connecting people.


….after all that time, and all those blogs, my average number of visitors per day is dropping steadily.

And it was never that high. 

I understood that when I started.  This was niche stuff, and there are lots of other places where people can find solid information about voice acting.

I've tried to follow the basic rules for building blog visitors:  give a piece of myself in each blog….engage the visitors to contribute or respond…be consistent in my blogging…frequent…helpful…sharing…all that.

The only thing I didn't do was go with the incredibly difficult WordPress…that may be my downfall.  I understand that Google bots are infinitely more gracious to WordPress blogs than Typepad.  I don't care.  If Typepad is good enough for Seth Godin…it's good enough for me.

So here I am, actually considering ending the blog.  The drop in visitations is very discouraging.  I spend a lot of time on this thing.

So before I throw in the towel…any suggestions for making it better?

I know my page loads slowly.  In your estimation, is that an issue for you?

Is there TOO MUCH "stuff" on my page?

Should I swallow my pride and go with WordPress?

Thanks for your input.

Dave C



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