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by | Apr 2, 2009 | Op/Ed | 4 comments


Am I just nuts, or do you have this problem too?

You know — doing more, and seemingly achieving less?

Stephen R. Covey could come and sit on my shoulder and be my conscience, and I swear it wouldn't be any better.



I'm either:
a) Terrible at scheduling
b) Twittering too much
c)  Disenfranchised by the power of e-mail
d)  Unable to say "no"
e) Too giving/caring
f)  Focus-impaired
g)  Way too comfortable being busy

Honestly, I think that last one is it.  If I stop being busy…what would happen? 

What am I afraid of? 

See, if I'm busy, then I can't be committing the penultimate American sin: wasting time.  Even the APPEARANCE of being busy implies accomplishment and achievement.

Hermithood is starting to sound real good…or would I go stark-raving mad?  No, I think I might actually be able to see more clearly.

Here's the thing, too:  we're all a little scared that this is certainly NOT the time to slack-off.  I mean, we're in hot water here in the richest country in the world…better work even HARDER to make sure you don't go under.

What ARE we afraid of?

Ah…so that's it:  CHANGE…. yeah…change!

Well, nothing's gonna really change until dissatisfaction with status-quo overcomes the fear of change.

I'm off to my daughter's College Showcase Soccer tournament in Temecula, CA for the next 3 days.  I'll tote my laptop, and my portable recording set-up, and God-knows-what-else in the SUV.  I'll panic at the thought of only checking my e-mail maybe just twice/day during the that time.  (Horrors!) 

If I'm smart, I'll drop the crap behind long enough to see things a little more clearly, and if I'm lucky, maybe I'll get the chance to enjoy a fine cigar and good conversation with some of the other soccer dads.

Thanks in advance for listening to my rants and ruminations.


(my 600th post)



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  1. Karen Commins

    Awesome post, Dave! When we’re too busy, we can’t hear direction from that little inner voice that only speaks to us in silent, still moments. I find that I have my most inspired ideas when I’m on vacation, walking in the park or swimming.
    When I go on vacation, I disconnect as much as possible. Lately, our vacations have been on cruises, and you have to pay at least 50 cents a minute to connect to the Internet. Paying so much for the service makes me a) check e-mail only once a day and b) skim through it very quickly, only answering queries from prospects and other truly time-sensitive messages. I also tell clients and my agents ahead of time that I will be gone.
    Step away from the computer, Dave. It will be okay….I promise! 🙂
    Oh, and you might want to skip the cigar, too. It’s not good for your health.
    Have a safe, fun, and RELAXED trip!
    Karen Commins

  2. Peter O'Connell

    ONLY your 600th post?
    Slacker! 😉 Seriously, congrats!
    Now calm down. You’re not being chased by anyone except your own demons…you’re smart, you’re talented and you’re coming into you’re own as a business owner.
    If you really searching for definition in this problem – decide on your “wants” and decide on your “needs”. Needs you keep, wants need to be prioritized and then toss some.
    Spring cleaning is good for the soul. Twittering, however, can be a major time suck.
    Wants vs. needs.
    I hope this helps.
    Best always,
    – Peter

  3. Greg

    Dave, I don’t think it’s so much that we’re afraid of change. I think that we’ve all been force-fed this idea that busy = successful. This is hardly the case. Despite the notion given to us by our elders, business, and society at large that the measure of a person is based on the concept that they have so much to do in order to be a success that they have a struggle doing other things, I’m here to tell you that they’re wrong.
    What is the definition of successful? Anything that adds value.
    Does that mean that you need to work 20-22 hours a day in order to do so? Nope. It just means that whatever you are doing needs to add value to the overall effort. If you’re accomplishing that, if you’re bringing something to the picture which wasn’t there before, then you’re doing fine.
    On the flip side, you can easily fall into several things to which you add value, in which case you end up giving up all your time to different pursuits because you cannot help it. It’s at this point that you realize that this is only possible because you are unmarried…

  4. Jorge Velasco

    600 posts? Man, get a life! Actually… please don’t, I really enjoy your blog!
    “g) Way too comfortable being busy”? We can’t rely on the comfort zone… I think you talked about it in a previous post.
    Greetings from your Colombian palm,


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