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by | Apr 2, 2009 | Op/Ed


Am I just nuts, or do you have this problem too?

You know — doing more, and seemingly achieving less?

Stephen R. Covey could come and sit on my shoulder and be my conscience, and I swear it wouldn't be any better.



I'm either:
a) Terrible at scheduling
b) Twittering too much
c)  Disenfranchised by the power of e-mail
d)  Unable to say "no"
e) Too giving/caring
f)  Focus-impaired
g)  Way too comfortable being busy

Honestly, I think that last one is it.  If I stop being busy…what would happen? 

What am I afraid of? 

See, if I'm busy, then I can't be committing the penultimate American sin: wasting time.  Even the APPEARANCE of being busy implies accomplishment and achievement.

Hermithood is starting to sound real good…or would I go stark-raving mad?  No, I think I might actually be able to see more clearly.

Here's the thing, too:  we're all a little scared that this is certainly NOT the time to slack-off.  I mean, we're in hot water here in the richest country in the world…better work even HARDER to make sure you don't go under.

What ARE we afraid of?

Ah…so that's it:  CHANGE…. yeah…change!

Well, nothing's gonna really change until dissatisfaction with status-quo overcomes the fear of change.

I'm off to my daughter's College Showcase Soccer tournament in Temecula, CA for the next 3 days.  I'll tote my laptop, and my portable recording set-up, and God-knows-what-else in the SUV.  I'll panic at the thought of only checking my e-mail maybe just twice/day during the that time.  (Horrors!) 

If I'm smart, I'll drop the crap behind long enough to see things a little more clearly, and if I'm lucky, maybe I'll get the chance to enjoy a fine cigar and good conversation with some of the other soccer dads.

Thanks in advance for listening to my rants and ruminations.


(my 600th post)



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