ACK! Exactly What VO Marketing and Twitter is NOT Supposed to Be!!!

by | Apr 16, 2009 | Marketing

For the past few days, I've been seeing a very ostentatious face and message on Twitter.  I even hesitate to mention it here in a bad light, because there IS no such thing as bad publicity, and I REALLY don't want to give this guy any help.

Twitter will accept a certain amount of self-promotion.  There are a ton of people into marketing on the service, but everyone kinda knows when you cross the line,  Twitter is more for sharing, being human, helping, and just being conversational.

For this guy, it's all about hyping his voiceover service.  Here's what a typical "Tweet" looks like:


Most all of his Tweets have this exact flavor.  All CAPS!!!  Shouting, hawking, and being obnoxious in my opinion.  I don't know "Big Ray Petty" as his website identifies him…and I'm not sure whether I should be jealous or puke.

Twitter is largely believed to hold much promise as a marketing tool in the New Media sort of way.  Many people claim to have capitalized on that, but they're marketers, and you're never quite sure if they're hyping or making money.

So then, along comes @RaunchFoxxx (Gak!…even the twitter name he's chosen is obnoxious), and he's openly inviting people to use his VO service.  Maybe it's working.  I dunno. Maybe I should be doing a bit more of this kind of in-your-face marketing for my own voice-acting.  NOT!!!




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