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Boy, a lot of people are out there capitalizing on the eager voiceover wanna-be who's been told "I have a good voice", and figures voice work is an easy and quick way to make millions…well…er…thousands, anyway. 

Please, please do your homework before spending money on someone who claims they can work with you in a weekend, and you'll walk away with a finished demo.  Everyone follows their own path to get into this business, but that is probably universally agreed upon as the WRONG way to start-off.

Coach with whistle
There are, indeed, many wonderful, qualified, smart, experienced voice coaches and sages who will give you the proper advice.  Ask around, get referrals, talk to people, hang out on forums and listen carefully.

I'd be happy to give you a few names myself in you want to check with me (and I'm no expert, but I know what I know, and have a short list of qualified coaches).  [email protected]

Lately, phone consults have fallen into favor.  I do them with Nancy Wolfson, and have also used the phone to talk to Peter O'Connell, David Goldberg of Edge Studio, and plan to pick the brain of Bettye Zoller very soon with a host of questions.

Phone consults lack the visceral feeling of a one-on-one meeting in person (body language and all), but honestly, they're OK.  With as widespread as we all are, and with budgets being tight, a phone conversation can give you a lot…just not everything. 

Some coaches, like Bill Smith in Denver, use a video SKYPE connection in their sessions.  You at least get to see who you're talking to.

Below,  you'll find a compelling newsletter from someone named Ron Knight.  It came out of nowhere. I do not know Ron, nor have I heard anyone in my circle of voiceover friends talk about him.  Read through what he has too say, and if it's interesting to you, call him.  Any coach worth his salt should  be willing to do an introductory call for free so you can get a feel for his style.  I offer it here as another possibility for you, not as an endorsement.


Al Sharpton Talking Avatar  Your Voiceover Demo – Your Business Plan

Your Marketing and Fulfillment for ROI

Voiceover career Sagging? Lagging? What's not cooking?

Step into the Booth 

Dear VO Talent;

I'm getting
quite a few emails and phone calls from voiceover talent, many of whom
I've done demos for,  asking a question or two that I'm hearing over
and over again.


"Ron, it's slow out there! We made a killer
voiceover demo. I know it rocks! You picked everything and we carefully
honed our marketing plan and production strategy, so that everything on
the demo would be where I'm market reflected, and pointing to where I
was heading. I get maybe two calls or so a month from …….  and
….. and that's the old stand-by that I always seem to get (thanks to
God), but nothing else is happening. What's going on?! This demo
is great but no one's calling…….  no auditions, nothing! So how
come it's so slow?"

Then I get to ask the real question
or two that uncovers the dust. Yes, we know the economy sucks out
there. Yes, we know that a lot of agents and producers are closing up
their desks, and that some people are thinking of going out and getting
jobs swinging hammers on Obama's new infrastructure investments, and
that's when I ask, "Yeah, sure. Do you KNOW how to swing a hammer when
you've been getting paid BIG BUCKS to do SOUNDTRACKS?!?!" 


Still other people are finding the niches and they're gladly busy; in some instances, they're busier than ever! What's
the deal? How come they have their demos nicely implanted in a market
with recurring clients who know where and how to find them, and then,
some VO talent don't. Oh yeah, I remember. You paid your money to join
that VoiceUnder 789 site, and that's all it was ever going to take for
you to go to the bottom of the "Gee, how come I can't get a voiceover
job for $50" marketplace…  

Yep, here's Ron Knight, wearing his
Black Hat Creative Guy scowl one more time, to talk to each and every
one of you who forgot that your demo was supposed to be stylized and
formatted to target the very industries of "GROWTH", with your top of
mind branding and imaging showcased TIGHTLY around those chosen
industries with a flair of industrial and audio focus around the target
core which NARROWS, and not EXPANDS your realm of reach.


It's 2009, and the world has fallen apart – so while it's not expanding and it is constricting – that's what YOU as an OEM part or segment of a larger industrial PRODUCT or MARKET must also do.

If you do not remember, or know how
to focus your marketing and business plan to analyze your core, your
SIC market production applications,  your viral long tail reach, your
community growth approach, and keep that in place while avoiding people
who are "kicking tires" today, a private one hour consultation can help
to ensure a nice repeat core of business for you, targeted to your
core  – and your demo in it's editorialized FOCUS. You owe it to
yourself to grab just One Hour of time with Ron Knight on the phone. 


Why? So we can
set you straight, align the arrow in the bow before you let it fly,
and so I can stop getting these emails and calls from the VO talent
I've helped to develop. I can address the issues of WHY your marketing
doesn't work, on a case by case, one-on-one basis.

One Hour Phone Privates on your VO business model. Limited time only. Really. Come get 'em while they're hot. 


Ron Knight

The Advanced Voiceover Coach
Careers Counseling

Ron Knight

Where & When

One Hour Telephone Consultations – a Private Hour with Ron Knight – Reviewing your VO Plan in Today's Marketplace.  

ONE Hour Privates with Ron Knight

Designing your VO Business Missile;  
Looking at and Revising Your Business Plan. 

I've just jumped off my schedule, scoring two film
productions, one radio syndicated feature, one In-Flight program for
Delta, one casting project for a corporate mobility application, and as
a voice talent myself, three auditions this past week alone – to set
aside a limited amount of single hours for the next few weeks to go
over and review your voiceover business, your marketing plan and
your core. This hour will uncover WHAT'S NOT WORKING for you – as well
as what SHOULD.
Repeatedly, I am hearing things like "I'm not getting any
knocks out of the indie trailer market". Then I ask, "Have you gone to
where the indie film producers are in YOUR region of the country?"
Answer: No.
"I have a focus on time share repossession evasion.
Right?" "Yes, and it's on the demo?" Yes. "Have you found the viral
long tail that get's you into that group of marketers who need that
communication?" Answer: No.

Now hear this:

"Ron, One hour on the phone with you completely revitalized
my efforts. I took the notes and put about 5 of the 6 steps together,
and already I'm getting a few emails back in. I actually had three
phone calls to read for people"

-  Julie McKame – Northern Cal.
"Thanks for the shot in the arm. All I was doing was
talking to my local agent, where things were so bad, they wanted me to
take a 13 week class with them for $395.00. Reviewing head shots! If
they're my agency, don't they have a conflict of interest for taking
money to have a class like this? Headshots? This is voiceover! One hour
with you, and three weeks later, I'm right back as the Voice of a
regional beverage. >Phew!<"    
VO Talent  – Texas – (name withheld, so as not to embarrass the agency nor compromise client signing).
I forgot about my core which reflects my background
knowledge in Aviation. Sully was getting a lot of press lately in the
national media, so I took your advise on What's happening, What's
tailored and When to hit,  and I was able to go in with What we had on
the demo. How do you say In-Flight? Ding!"
F.M. – New Voice for Southwest Airlines narration
One hour phone call with Ron Knight can help you to learn
something new about today's voice over market, the economy at large and
how it affects your standing.  
If you had Ron produce your Voiceover Demo(s), this will
be the best follow up investment you ever made to ensure that you are
on the RIGHT TRACK to fine tune your efforts after the fact. Many
times, your demo is out of date. Sometimes, it's not the demo that's
out of date. You are. You simply are not doing what needs to be done,
or you are NOT doing it in the right way.
So call or email this week to schedule your one hour
private on the phone with Ron, and let's get out from under the
VoiceUnder marketing that's been driving you to the bottom of the
depths of the "depression economy" and what you think it's handing you.


If you're playing the game by the old rules, the only thing you know is what's not coming to you. Call or email today! 

Leave the Pack!

Old TV StageGet
a One Hour Private Consultation on the phone with Ron Knight. To
schedule: Call us at 619 573 9919 or 310 779 9885; or Email us [email protected]
minimum Voiceover rate that you should be charging your clients,
is about $385.00 for any job's session, for up to a first hour
in studio time. 


Your price for a One Hour Consultation with Ron
Knight  is no where near that fee. It's a quick, low cost, quality
investment to ensure a good ROI on what you're doing.   

Normal Private Career Consultation Price: $ $250.00
Call and schedule during March ONLY - Just $125.00 
Credit Cards, PayPal accepted.  

Knight Mediacom

7949 Eastridge Drive

La Mesa, CA 91941
Tel: 619 573 9919
LA and Cell: 310 779 9885

Save 50%

Call us at 619 573 9919 or 310 779 9885 to
schedule your Private Voiceover Career Review and Business Plan
Consultation. Set single hours are available only for the month of
March, 2009. At time of scheduling, we will provide you a mutually set
calendar date and time, and the phone consultation phone number to call
to discuss your business.

MP3s for review may be sent to us at

[email protected]. Please – only send MP3s as requested, when requested and ONLY after scheduling a consultation appointment. Thanks!     

Offer Expires: March 31, 2009 



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