Setting Rates for Freelance VoiceOvers

by | Mar 31, 2009 | Compensation | 1 comment

Rate_card_buttonGreat article by Edge Studio's David Goldberg at (of course!) VoiceOverExtra
on how to set proper rates for freelance voiceover work.

This is a typically-thorny issue for voice talent, and David's discussion makes great sense.

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  1. Greg Houser

    Interesting little chart they’ve got there. What I think is that it would be interesting to compare this list, with the one which some sites have been providing to their clientele, such as Voice123 has done .
    My philosophy has always been to learn about the areas in which talent get the majority of their bookings. Not everyone will want to pay your rate if you’re used to using the rates in NYC for example. Be judicious, do your homework, and when in doubt, use your home market rate as the default.
    Maybe I’m talking crazy, but it seems to have been working for me. That said, Edge Studio’s rate sheet should be a good primer for a lot of talent who have been confused about what to charge for their services.
    Good post Dave, thanks for sharing!
    Voiceovers by Gregory Houser


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