Buts ‘n’ Nolts

by | Feb 24, 2009 | Op/Ed






Voice actors are individuals. 

Acting in solitude.

Devising solutions on their own.

Oh, sure, we all trade suggestions in forums, conferences, e-mails and phone calls…but in the end we just….find ways to get things done.

So how do you….

— read your copy? 
                            Are you paperless, so when you record, you just read off the screen?
                            Do you stand?…or sit?
                            Does your mic point up or down?
                            Add effects as you record, or with software later?

— keep track of the work you've recorded?
                            Do you monitor through an e-mail trail?
                            Keep a paper log?  In a book?  On a legal pad?
                            Use your computer's file storage system?
                            Outlook?  Time 'n' Chaos?  Calendar software?  Excel File?

— back up your finished files?
                            haphazard? (when you think of it)
                            once-a-year, once-a-month, once-a-week?
                            to a USB Hard-Drive?…to a thumb drive?…to a DVD or CD?

— manage invoices?
                            through your accounting software?
                            through invoices.com?
                            Word.doc you've improvised?
                            Excel files?

— develop new clients?
                            Depend on your agent?
                            Force yourself to make cold (or "warm") calls?
                            Ask for referrals?
                            Utilize online subscription services and audition your butt off?

— keep track of trends in the industry?
                            Friends? Word-of-Mouth?
                            Agents? Blogs? VoiceOverXtra? Forums?
                            Google Alerts? Craig's List? Voices.com?
                            Active News Searches? Conferences? SKYPE consults?

— challenge yourself to be better?
                            Phone coaching?
                            Weekend seminars?
                            Hang with your buds on VO-BB?
                            Read books? Webinars? TeleSeminars?

OH, yes, I have questions…and maybe a few answers of my own. 

Process.  Sometimes big successes come through the handling of detailed processes.




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