by | Jan 14, 2009 | Podcasts

Scott Whitney is a smart guy.  He jumped on the Podcasting juggernaut when it first got big; then had the sense, the chutzpah, and the know-how to survive the downturn.

Now he's riding the next wave of podcast popularity with his turn-key PodWorx business.

I visited with Scott at his PodWorx headquarters right here in Las Vegas (a nicely-equipped office in his own home).  Although most of his clients are elsewhere, that's the beauty of podcasting and freelancing — no ties to legacy workplace traditions!

Scott's success with podcasting belies his business and marketing savvy, though — which is why just being around him, I may soak up some pointers through osmosis.

As I've often mentioned in this blog, voice-acting is a balanced blend of tech and talent…neither of which add up to a hill of beans if you can't market your product effectively.

Scott is always recreating and improving his brand… launching into a new direction even as we speak (er…uh, write).

Thanks, Scott for giving of your time and patience with my questions…and for blogging about our visit.  You can see for yourself at Scott's "LivingInLasVegas" blog.  Click HERE.




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