Pocket Change

by | Jan 8, 2009 | Op/Ed

"Disconnecting from change does not recapture the past, it loses the future."
–Kathleen Norris

So…this is not a blog about coins clinking in your pants pocket?

Nope.  It's about Making change work for you.  Or putting "change" in your hip pocket, like you would a comfortable old handkerchief.

Doggone it!…we SO resist change.  We seek peace, calm, status-quo…a level playing field…a plateau…balance.  At least I do.

Luckily, life has plenty of that without trying…which is good 'cause, like sleep, you DO need those moments. 

But when you ARE trying…why not give change a chance?

Lately, I've been finding myself awash in change, and it's starting to feel good.  Even at my age…which is decidedly not in the highly-coveted 18-34 age range that TV advertisers bleed for.

I could say the change is uncomfortable, but then I'd be denying the giddy realization that I'm remaking myself…into something and someone I'd never have imagined two years ago.

On the outside, I look the same (well, maybe a little more gray)…but inside, the butter is churning.  I suppose it stems from the conscious decision I made about 3 years ago to take more of my destiny into my own hands and launch an entrepreneurial Voice-Over career of my own. 

At first I didn't hear the stanchions creaking from the weight of change.  Now they're virtually groaning from the force and pace of it.

Possibilities….are…endless and taking on new permutations and personalities and perceptions faster than I can write them down. 

So I don't.  In the past, I would.  Now, I'm tossing my attempt to log the change, and just moving on to the next change.   Does that make sense? 

Rather than learning the new rules, I'm just re-writing the rule book.

Is this all confusing?  Yes, but the confusion signals successful change.
Is it disconcerting?  Yes, but always being in "concert" puts you in too-familiar ruts.
Will it end?  I dunno.
Do I want it to end?  Not by any means. 

I'm having too much fun!!!  Give it a try!




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