by | Jan 19, 2009 | New Paradigms

A friend of mine worked for the railroad for quite a while, then got into business with the casinos, and did quite well (before the economic bust) developing better HR for gaming corporations. 

Of late, he's partnered with a guy who ran the Convention Center here in Vegas, then the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, before becoming the right-hand-man of the Mayor of SLC.  Then he came back to Vegas and worked at Convention Trade behemoth GES before getting burned out by their balls-to-the-wall sales goals.

Their partnership is an entrepreneurial venture in making videos.  They've asked me to be involved in some of their prospective productions.

Me?  I'm a TV news broadcaster of 30 years with a freelance Voiceacting business.

A 4th collaborator is emerging who is a former jazz-guitarist-turned-expert-podcaster.

What a rag-tag bunch of alloyed experiences and talents!!!…yet how exciting that 4 men in their 40's and 50's are embracing change, new paradigms, fresh partnerships, and above all: the spirit of collaboration.

The guitarist/podcaster guy has of late delved a bit into the tight community of helpful voice actors that I've had the great good luck to find.  He's amazed we are all possible competitors, yet support each other so selflessly.  However, he's never failed to ask me: "what can I do for you?" when we're together.

He gets it.  So do the other guys.  We're almost giddy with the possibilities.  We couldn't do it without each other.  Only our amalgamated experiences make it possible.  And I'm not talking about technical expertise (although that's certainly part of it). 

What makes it special is the relationships we share, tinged with an excitement for taking risks, and exploring passions and potentials.

Life is good!

(well, except for tax season)




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