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In a perfect world, every voice actor would be able to enter their whisper-quiet studio and cut noise-less audio with a sound floor that's in the basement.

In a perfect world.

I see some lovely home studios being built by many voiceover artists.  I've blogged about it here 'n' there.
Dan Lenard
Michael Rhys

The Holy Grail of home voicover studios is absence, not expense.  The absence of extraneous sound.

My cross to bear is the fact that I've got my DAW inside my studio.  Computers are notoriously squeaky, whiny, whistly, hummy, and airy-sounding contraptions. 

One answer is to get low-noise components: fans, hard-drives, and power supplies.  Some places will even BUILD you such a thing.  That's probably the lowest-cost workable solution.  You can do it yourself.  Call Doc Phillips.  I seem to remember he's the ace at that option.

Then there are enclosures.  My PodWorx friend, Scott Whitney just tweeted me about THIS solution.  It's pretty slick.  Not cheap…and I have no first-hand testimonials to rely on…but I may have to go with something like this in the end — or just find a way to move the darn box outside the door, like a REAL voiceacting pro.




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  1. Karen Commins

    Hi, Dave. You might want to look at getting Tranzport wireless workstation control device, which will allow you to control and edit your software from within the booth while leaving the computer and other equipment outside the booth. I bought one after a recording engineer recommended it, and I love it! Not only does it eliminate the noise at the mic, but it gives me enormous freedom. I can hear playback and re-record without having to leave my WhisperRoom and walk out to the computer.
    To see the info from the company web site, go to frontierdesign dot com/Products/TranzPort. You may be able to see and buy it locally; I bought mine from Amazon (see tinyurl.com/2nyhx6). It also works with a variety of audio software and is available for Windows and Mac systems. (When I preview my comments, it looks like my links are removed, so I made them look less like a link.)
    Ahhhh….QUIET! It’s a wonderful thing! ­čÖé
    Karen Commins


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