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by | Dec 9, 2008 | Heads Up! | 1 comment

…the dark side of things.

First of all…any of you ever do business with or heard of a VO Company out of India called Edisense?  I have.  I've done voice work for them, and all seemed legit until…well, until I sent the invoice.  Now, nothing.

Then the other day, in reaction on my blog "1,2,3 Things" I got a comment I chose not to publish (actually the same comment 3 times, which is part of the reason I chose not to publish it).  In short, the commenter was drumming up support for his service.  I'm going to link to it here, but not give the name.  I'm linking to give you an idea of what's out there that seems…mercenary.  The site just screams at you; from the well-placed cleavage to the over-the-top promises.  Apparently radio IS the way to get into voice-overs!

Finally, here's a link to an Aussie article "Frenzied Appeals to Morons!" on what every last viewer and listener on the planet hates about ANNOUNCERS.  It's spot-on!

I appreciate your visiting here.

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  1. Stephanie Ciccarelli

    Hi Dave,
    I’ve run into that company before too via comments on my blog. Check this string of comments on the Ask The Voice Cat blog for instance. You might relate to what’s being said here?
    Yes, I never thought radio was the gateway to VO either…
    (CourVO sez: Thanks Steph!…I’ll check it out!)


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