One Year Blogging Anniversary!!!!!

by | Oct 1, 2008 | Jus' So You Know


One year ago today, I joined the blogosphere.  Lord knows how many inane words I've published since then, or how many potential readers I've turned away!

In my first blog, I gave thanks for the many people who helped me launch my dream in Voice Acting.  I'm just as indebted to them today as I was then…maybe even more so.

Today, though, I have an even greater debt of gratitude to give for those of YOU who have patronized me when I was wordy, came back despite my eclectic sense of humor, and even commented when you were so moved.


Let me give special thanks to my VO-BB brethren and sistren who encouraged me to enter the world of blogging, and probably gave me more than my fair share of visitors when I was still unproven.  I'd like to give a special word of appreciation on top of that to Bob Souer and Jeffrey Kafer for taking the time to explain to me the potential joys of blogging.

Yes, I'll admit I entered the blogosphere largely as a marketing ploy, and it's met those expectations, but you know what???…I've really found SO MUCH MORE in these daily missives. 

I've curried an even greater circle of wonderful friends.  I've also found that I have a "voice" through the printed word.  I've learned more about valuable writing techniques in one year of blogging than I ever did in 30 years of schlogging through TV news scripts.

OK, here I go again, waxing eloquent…but I've…sniff…kinda…ah…gotten a little emotional here.  After all, this is not rocket surgery.  It's just words…on a blog…on the internet…in the ether.  NOT!!!

Many thanks to you for helping me by visiting and honoring me with your comments, encouragement, and responses. 

Chocolates for everyone!!30404711






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