Innie or Outie?

by | Oct 15, 2008 | Social Media/Networking | 1 comment

Many are the arguments about whether the internet facilitates or impedes social interaction.

Facilitates:  social networking, e-mail, blogging, instant communication, defeating distance & geography instantaneously, creating friendships and communities that heretofore couldn’t have had the possibility of existing.

Impedes:  bottom line: we live in a physical world, not a virtual world, so desktops, phones, and laptops confine our traditional interaction (case in point:  my daughters will text each other from different rooms in the same house).  When’s the last time you got a written letter?

Right now, I’m finding I need both, but I can’t deny steadily erring on the side of the virtual world.  I guess the question is whether you feel more at home communicating with someone THROUGH a filter (which offers a certain safety) or in person.

That begs the question whether you’re an innie or an outie.  You know…. an introvert or an extrovert.

Voice Actor Karen Commins offers an excellent essay on this question in her blog, and (disclaimer) she even found a way to say some nice things about me in the process.  How ’bout that!  Thanks Karen!

Sometimes I feel like I’m just trying life on for size…directionless, and moving to the area of least resistance… is that like surfing the web?  BTW, I’m an innie in a decidedly outie profession.




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  1. Tom Dheere

    Good question! The Internet is like fire, guns, music, a platform to speak, etc. It’s only as “good” or “evil” as the person who is using it. It’s a tool which is intended to enhance your life but it can just as easily screw it up. The internet makes smart people smarter, lazy people lazier, and creepy people creepier. Like everything else, moderation is the key!
    (CourVO sez: you hit it right on the nose, [email protected] Thanks for commenting.)


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