by | Sep 28, 2008 | Heads Up!

Voice actor Peter Drew writes in an online forum about a possible scammer preying on voice-actors.  Subsequent posts have born out his warning. 

Here's the info straight from his post:

As they say, if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, well,

sometimes it's a turkey.

Anybody in the group get an email from Yuri Best, [email protected],

requesting rates and a demo, without saying what the gig is?

After replying that I couldn't give rates without knowing what the

project is and how and where it would be heard, Mr. Best replied that

it's for "a voice message…for spoken word hypnosis recordings." This

sounds familiar to me and I think I read in this group that this lead is

a scam. Feels that way to me, especially when he states that his

"…rate is above a Thousand Dollars" and then asks for my rates.

Either it pays a grand or it doesn't, right?





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