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It's not easy keeping up with all the resources available to today's voice actor (what a wonderful conundrum!)

But one of the online hot-spots I MUST pay more attention to is Rick Party's VoiceOverUniverse.  I mean everybody's there, now…right?

Feel free to join the group I'm sponsoring there:  "Ask an Anchor". 

I may be on the short side of voice acting experience compared to some of the heavies on this site, but I figure I have at least as much on-camera experience as anyone there (30 years). I'd like to develop this into a valuable resource for the voice actor who every once in a while who gets the opportunity to be on camera.

I've just entered two discussions about head-shots.  I wrote neither of them, but both have wonderful info about this topic, and sometimes collating info for ease of access is as good as authoring it (aat least that's how I'm justifying it  ;-}   )

How to get a good still headshots (which I have permission to re-purpose from Acting Coach Bob Fraser)…and another borrowed article from V123 on whether it's even smart to USE a headshot on your website.

Please feel free to leave comments here or on that group site.






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