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Cold call
Have you heard that? 

Sure, you have to have the goods when you step up to the mic.  But to CREATE that opportunity, the voice actor spends the preponderance of her/his time developing leads, networking, marketing, calling, seeking, and growing the business in a myriad of ways.

Yes, voice coaching is a steady part of that diet.  But have you considered getting some business-coaching, or what might be called enterprising or entrepreneurial training?

I've often sung the praises of a Las Vegas-based "Possibilities" coach — Barbara Winter, and her "Joyfully Jobless" view of being your own boss. Click HERE to see my latest blog on Barbara and her new wares.

But let me introduce to you another person here in The Entertainment Capital of the World who seems to have a pretty nifty take on the challenges that lie before you in life and business:  Betty Mahalik, and her "Dynamic Solutions, a company dedicated to facilitating the performance, learning, development and success of individuals and businesses." 

I've copied and pasted a recent newsletter she sent me "below the
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September 8, 2008

Opportunity Calling

The other day as I sat in my office I
received a cold call from someone representing a major life insurance
company. Her script went something like this: "Hi my name is Nancy. I'm
with X,Y,Z company and a member of the Chamber. That's where I got your
name. I would like to set up an appointment to come out, introduce myself
and tell you about the products and services my company offers."

politely explained to her that I was already working with trusted
professionals in both insurance and financial services but that I hoped to
meet her at an upcoming Chamber function. What she said next simply
floored me. She replied, "Well, to tell you the truth I have never
attended any Chamber functions." Her voice seemed to go from confident to
apologetic, upbeat to flat in a hearbeat. I had taken her off script and
caught her flat-footed.

Undeterred, I asked if she would like to
attend one of our Chamber's excellent business education breakfasts and
mentioned that I am on the planning committee. Her reply: "Well, I don't
really go to those things." After a couple of other futile attempts to
interest her in one of the upcoming programs I finally gave up. And sadly,
without realizing it, she missed out on a tremendous networking
opportunity. She clearly didn't know what to do when someone took her off
her script and couldn't recognize opportunity staring her in the

As I work with professionals who are marketing their services
one cardinal rule stands out: Everyone you meet is either a potential
client, a potential referral source or a potential member of your
priceless network. And you are always, everywhere you go building those

You never know how valuable a single contact may be. Are
you in sales? (Hint: everyone is). Are you marketing a professional
service, a product, an opportunity? Are you seeking ways to tap into
business-owners, decision makers and other centers of influence? Sales of
professional services (insurance, consulting, coaching, fitness coaching,
financial planning, to name a few) are based on increasing the K, L, T
–know, like, trust–factor. The higher the degree of K,L,T, the greater
the likelihood you'll make a sale or get a referral. So you can't afford
NOT to respond positively to opportunities to come in contact with people
who fit the profile of your ideal clients, referral sources or members of
your priceless network.

Take a look around this week. What are you
doing to build your network? Are you missing opportunities because "you
don't go to those things." And if you work with calling scripts or coach
or mentor others who do, remind them how important it is to still be open
to the possibility that an opportunity will present itself disguised as
something else. Teach them to recognize it when it does.

challenging economic times, those who continually grow their networks and
learn to recognize opportunities when they present themselves, stand to
gain. This week, decide to see opportunity when it presents itself to you,
even if it doesn't look like what's on the script!


Quote of the Week:

"In the middle of every difficulty
lies opportunity"

~~Albert Einstein

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"Transforming Your Potential
into Performance!"
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