Don’t Look Now….

by | Jul 26, 2008 | Op/Ed

…but it’s late July (…and don’t ask me how this stuff happens…I’m still trying to figure out where 1992 went!).
   That means the New Year’s resolutions of 7.5 months ago are long-forgotten.  Or are they? 
    Regardless, this is a great time to re-assess your business year. 

Let’s face it, next month Wal-Mart will start putting out its Christmas decorations, and before you know it, the Halloween candy will dominate at least one aisle at Walgreen’s.  Once you hit August, it’s a slippery slope to the end of the year.

Join me in a quick late-mid-year voice-acting-business check-up won’t you? (click link below).

  • Unpaid invoices languishing since April?  Now’s the time to remind your clients you have to eat too.
  • Are you keeping your accounting software entries up-to-snuff?
  • Old copies of completed scripts are probably cluttering-up your workspace.  How ’bout organizing them into file-folders?
  • That February list of people you absolutely MUST CALL.  Finish it by July 31st.  There may be a job waiting there.
  • Did you back-up your audio files this week?  This month?  This year?  Imagine if you lost them all.  It could happen!
  • Come to think of it…back-up all your important personally-generated files .docs, .jpg’s, .wav’s, .mp3’s  — anything you can’t re-install.
  • Are you keeping track of follow-up e-mail lists or phone numbers?  Organize!
  • Criminy!….clear off your desk and dust it!…it’s getting thick!
  • Don’t pay for gas out of the fund you set aside to pay for ’09 tax day.  Put it back.
  • Plan ahead for the next seminar, webinar, phone-session, coaching session or conference.  2009 is FIVE months away!
  • Will your DAW really make it through this year?  Start watching for specials, promotional runs, and legitimate deals on a new box.
  • When’s the last time you looked at your business plan, or your Outlook “To-do” deadlines?
  • Read Bob Souer’s Blog  and everything on Peter O’Connell’s site.
  • Did you contribute any $$ to Deirdre Cooper’s VO-BB yet this year?  I’ll bet it’s made you money directly or indirectly many times.
  • Make a plan to survive at least through 2009…this recession’s not going away soon.

All that and more. 

Got any reminders?  Comment below, or e-mail me [email protected]  I’ll add ’em in for a future blog.




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