IS Dis ISDN? — part 2

by | Jun 9, 2008 | Equipment

The nice folks at AudioTX flat-out told me today that the Eicon Diva ISDN modem (vintage late 1990's), which I purchased off E-bay for use in my ISDN studio will not work with their current software requirements. It's a serial port connection vs. USB.

Note to self:  Don't be so quick to bid on things you know nothing about.

The Dialogic company makes (and has made) a whole lot of units called an "Eicon Diva Modem".

Here's the odd part to me, though.  Almost all — no, scratch that — ALL the manufacturing and warehousing of ISDN modems — no matter the brand name — are to be found in Europe.  Am I wrong?

Sure!  Europe…where the exchange rate right now is almost prohibitive.  The other PCI modem that AudioTX recommends  — the AVM Fritz PCI ISDN modem card — is available in Germany.  I shoulda taken my cue from the name:  "Fritz" !!
I've got my eye — a very SHARP eye — on a Eicon Diva USB modem on Ebay right now… offered by some guy in Chicago….which is a darn site closer than Stuttgart or London.

 BTW, Who designed the aesthetics on this thing, anyway?!  It looks like some kind of upside down prehistoric shellfish with no eyes.

So, that's the latest… not frustrated… I'm learning a lot, and thank goodness that Major Client from L-A never called today, expecting the ISDN session  ;-}




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