Unexpected Benefits

by | May 15, 2008 | Jus' So You Know

How wonderful to throw yourself into a new venture — keeping to your goal and your vision — only to find unintended blessings along the way.

When I began my quest to start my own business, build on my voice talent, and reach out to the community of other freelancers, I found only encouragement, support, and helpful strangers…who, in short order became true friends, even though they may be sight unseen.

I’d like to call myself lucky, but I think it’s more a function of choosing the place I’m supposed to be, among those who share a common vision, and realize they can’t do it alone.  I know I can’t do it alone, and am thankful for the Frank Fredericks, the Bob Souers, the DB Coopers, the Chris Wagners, Liz de Nesneras, the Barbara Winters, and John McClains of the world. 

So I raise a glass to those who have mentored, encouraged, and supported me selflessly along the way.  I could not nearly have gotten this far without you.  This goes especially for everybody who has interacted with me on the VO-BB…surely those who dwell in the virtual land of Cooper are a blessing to each other.





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