by | May 27, 2008 | Op/Ed

Well….hello there sunshine!  So, your work-week is just starting, is it? 

I can always tell when weekends and holidays are around, by a significant decrease in e-mail traffic.   Monday, it was dead.  Las Vegas was not, and neither was I.

I anchored 4 newscasts (one by myself, meaning no co-anchor)…shot, wrote, produced, and voiced a 2-min. Wed's Child video for our news later in the week, and here it is 2:30a Tuesday, and I've just finished a website narration in my home studio.

The Wed’s Child story is a story in itself.  I profiled two handsome boys in November of 2006.  They were 7 and 4 and living in foster care.  Now here it is a year-and-a-half later, and I’m sitting with them and their new parents, talking about how good life is. The parents first saw the boys on the Wed’s Child story.  Knowing I played some part in getting them together is fulfilling.

My weekend wasn’t exactly a day off, either.  I substituted for the pastor at our church at all 3 services Sunday morning.  Being on TV is a breeze for me…public speaking is more challenging, but comfortable for me.  Preaching a sermon is exponentially harder than any of that.  It has to come from the heart, and you don’t get to use a prompter.

My life is rich and full…but sometimes it’s too busy.  I have a pile of book books on my desk that are mostly un-opened ‘cept for when I first perused them at Barnes & Noble. That’s not good.  I spend too much time reading on the computer, and not enough in the real world. 

One of my new priorities is to spend at least an hour a day reading physical books and magazines. 

How ’bout you?  Is life going by so fast that you KNOW you’re not getting it all in?  Not good.




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