Scam Artists At It Again

by | Apr 16, 2008 | Heads Up! | 0 comments

Professional Voice Actor Terry Daniel of writes in an online forum that a frequent VO scammer is preying on us again.  Here’s Terry’s warning:
Here we go again!  Watch out for these guys.  They are scamming me out of $400.  They seemed like nice people before the project was finished and now that it is finished, they’ve disappeared.  I even did a full
revision for them.  The dork’s name is Greg Neff and he runs a company called "RX Venture Group".  His business partner Linda, is a total dingbat and plays dumb every time I call.  She keeps saying that she
has yet to receive an invoice which is BS.  I even found some complaints against them on which is a smart source to go to if you’re ever skeptical about working with someone. Unfortunately, I was a little late on this one. Just wanted to share. Stay away from these clowns!  šŸ™‚

Terry’s legit…so let’s all watch out for this guy, and get him arrested if we can!




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