Vinyl Comeback

by | Mar 6, 2008 | Equipment

This may be a stretch for those of you 30 or younger…you don’t remember "Records", those flat platters of black vinyl that made electronic sounds popular and affordable to 2 or 3 generations of music lovers. 

Oh, sure, you may KNOW about records, but you’d never OWN them.

I know people who actually (gasp) still own their record music collection from the 70’s and 80’s.  Problem is, they’re practically worthless since turntables went the way of George McGovern.

Enter: the NuMark TTX USB.

This turntable plays your old platters, but sends the signal via a USB channel to your computer, where you can store the tunes in digital form, and re-purpose them for your mp3 player, Windows Media Player,  I-Tunes, or your digital editing software.

Click HERE for a great article in USA Today on this new item.  Jim Croce, Jimmy Hendrix, and Jimmy Morrison…here I come!




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