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by | Mar 21, 2008 | Web/Tech

We voice-actors get anxious about safely delivering our precious sound files in a timely manner to our clients.

E-mail’s OK for the small stuff, but when it’s lots of files, or a big file, or you just ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY want reliability in delivering your product, you start looking for something a little more adapted to the kind of needs we have.

I’ve been using for quite a while.  It’s OK….just OK. Sometimes it’s very slow, or the java applet won’t kick-in.  I’ve had it flat-out be down once or twice when I really needed it.  However, it does have unlimited storage, unlimited file size transfer, unlimited user accounts, and live phone support…but the downtime issues alone have had me considering other options.

Many voice-actors apparently just use their own FTP site, which is easy enough.  But that means setting aside a "Public" folder, and providing your client with a user ID and password.  Then I always wonder if they somehow gain access to other files on my server I don’t want them into….

A number of fellow VO talent say they love  It’s a pretty slick product, and always seems to be aggressively improving.  But because I’m half Swiss, and they’re the original non-conformists of the world, I’ve resisted following the pack.

Instead, I’ve stumbled into  Love this product/website!  You can send up to a Gig for free five times a month.  Your file stays there for your client to download for two weeks.  You can store stuff up to 250MB for free… and, well….here’s the pricing plan graph (click for larger pop-up):

My clients tell me they love it, and it’s veeery easy to use.  You can send an e-mail along with your file transfer, and have the file sent to your online storage, all in the same breath.

Maybe YouSendIt is just as good or better… voice-actors seem to be pretty passionate about their file upload utilities…and I know there are others than just these three I mentioned.

‘Just passing along something that works well for me.




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