MORE THAN JUST A VOICE The REAL Secret to Voiceover Success – Audible

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Voice Actors are paid to be the voice on documentaries, corporate videos, audiobooks, explainer videos, medical/technical narrations, and TV promos, and they got there by being smart about their freelance business. Sure, you have to be a good speaker, but that’s less than half the battle. Today’s successful voice talent is equally adept at audio engineering, marketing, social media, accounting, and writing.

More Than Just A Voice: The REAL Secret to Voiceover Success fills in the blanks to get you there. Each chapter tackles a topic that shapes you into a well-rounded freelance voice over talent…More than Just A Voice!

More Than Just a Voice: The REAL Secret to Voiceover Success is like getting continuing education credits in voice-acting. A practicing journalist of 30+ years, Dave Courvoisier began researching the voice-over profession for his own enlightenment early in the last decade. Then he began blogging — sharing his findings with anyone who was interested. Apparently a lot of people were. Voted as one of the top VO Bloggers in 2011, Dave started getting a following of interested readers in the freelance business of voiceovers.

After 2,500 blog articles, friends began urging Dave to publish a collection of his best blogs. More Than Just a Voice is that book. For those seeking answers about getting into the business, to others who needed a refresher on the latest techniques and trends, More Than Just a Voice is the perfect answer. It’s also some common sense advice in the face of rumors to the effect that voice-acting is a license to print money. After all, it’s just talking, right?

Voice-acting is a lot more than “just talking”, and this book proves that the VO hopeful needs to develop some good freelance business practices, get some coaching, and start practicing. In other words, one must do their homework. More Than Just a Voice is your first assignment.

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