Such a Blur

by | Jun 25, 2017 | WoVOCon

Seemingly over before it began, and yet there was a truckload of living in between.

“Encounter exhaustion” is what I feel late this Sunday evening.  And it’s not a physical fatigue, more like a relationship overexposure.  But ya gotta remember, this is an introvert talking.  And for the WoVO board members in attendance, it’s not over.  We have our monthly board meeting in the morning…a quorum of 7 in attendance personally….a chance to assess what went wrong, what could improve, and a look at some of the things we got right in WoVOCon4.

For now… sleep.  This pic summarizes a lot of what goes on all day at conferences like this.  Incredibly grateful for all involved in organization, implementation, sponsorship, presentation and attendance.  An all-around sterling experience!











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