Sturgeon’s Mill

by | May 4, 2017 | Documentary

Not far from Healdsburg, CA…home of WoVO’s former Treasurer – Elizabeth Holmes – is a little cabin in the redwoods.  It’s owned by a long-time TV news associate/friend of mine, who lives in Occidental, CA; an hour’s drive north of the Bay Area, and very close to the wine country known so well.

Since leaving the news business, my friend has launched a video production service AND developed a real passion for the coastal California environs.  Those two preoccupations naturally led to the story you can see below.  Not only is my friend a great story-teller, but he combines the elements of sights and sounds into a compelling video production.

The story is about an old steam-powered redwoods sawmill that’s been resurrected by descendants of the original mill owners and others who are dedicated to preserving the craft and memory of the lumbering era along the coast. 

My friend’s cabin mentioned above was originally the mess-hall for that lumber camp.  And the narrator for this documentary?

Hmmmm….see if you can guess.




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