LinkedIn Changes Rankle Users

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Uncategorized

‘Visited LinkedIn lately?

I’ve been purposely staying away from the business social media site for months until things settle down.  Only… it’s not settling down at ALL!

Every day I get email notices from a couple of G+ Groups I belong to dedicated to LinkedIn.  Watching the notices fly by, you’d think by these missives that Beelzebub himself had been tinkering with a sacred platform.  There are some LI fanatics out there who make it their business to note every little daily change in the Graphical User Interface, or the search functions, or the connection settings of LI.  I mean, the tiniest details.

Here’s a smattering of discussion topics:

  • In new interface Linkedin has distributed few features of paid account between “Recruiter” and “Sales Navigator”.
  • Has anyone figured out the algorithm about what shows up in the first two lines of your summary in the new UI?
  • New post, pointing out an error in the one-page LinkedIn search tip sheet and additionally offering a back-door way to search
  • LinkedIn no longer allows members with the New LinkedIn UI or with Sales Navigator to view out-of-network 3rd and 4th degree connections
  • In the New UI, you will only find the Saved Search widget while in the People tab or Jobs tab
  • You no longer may simultaneously share posted content to multiple groups within LinkedIn’s share function

I even wrote one of them asking if such a practice wasn’t kinda futile, and got a very condescending answer.  To the person I queried, it was just OBVIOUS why it was so important to track the changes.  Sure, she’s making a living being an LI consultant…so naturally she’s obsessed with LI development.

Oddly — unlike Skype — the acquisition of LI by Microsoft has not heaped a lot of criticism on MS.  Apparently a good many of the managers before the buy-out are still there, and they were planning a big make-over before MS stepped in.

A highly-anticipated change to the look of your home page has been rolled-out, and by most accounts is 90%+ done.  If you haven’t visited lately, you should check it out.  And…big surprise!… it looks a lot like FaceBook!

There’s a revamp of LI’s highly-regarded search mechanism, it’s “Pulse” feed, the ways in which you can connect, communicate, and see profiles.  The list goes on, and it changes daily.

Here’s a pretty good article detailing the LI transformation, but it’s already about 6 weeks old, and that’s ancient in the total scheme of LI changes:

Also, here’s a link to LinkedIn’s official blog, where they kinda try to let you know what’s going on.

Finally, for the gritty details, go to Google +’s LinkedIn Experts group

Just don’t ask ’em why they keep obsessing over the details.




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