Verizon Halts ISDN Installs in NYC

by | Jul 28, 2016 | ISDN

no ISDNYup, the very heart of the entertainment/communication industry on the East Coast – the #2 VO market in the USA – no more ISDN installs.

If you already have ISDN, you’re fine.  Things will continue as normal (for now).

This is for BRI service.  Apparently Verizon is still offering PRI/T1 connections for only $500/month…but there are caveats.  Please read it all from the #1 authority of ISDN, Dave Immer

Here is Dave Immer’s homepage.

No, I’m not going to beat the ISDN death drum again.  I’ve done that enough.  Most people who are savvy to market trends, and IP disruption of legacy technology, have already seen the writing on the wall.  More and more often I’m seeing that production houses are accepting SourceConnect or ipDTL as every-day alternatives to ISDN.

These changes are consistent with other technological shifts in various sectors of the marketplace.  ISDN will continue a slow decline…and sometime in the foreseeable future, will become either prohibitive in cost, turned-off by the TelCos, or rejected by current users.

Is LA next?




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