Now, You Don’t Have to Decide!

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bragshare‘Not quite sure how you’re going to reveal your latest VO triumph? 

Should you just flat-out tell people you’ve landed that new national ad campaign for Cummins Diesel?…or should you casually “humble-brag” about it as an after-thought while you thank your agent for getting you the gig?

Now you don’t have to worry about it!

Just go to BragSharewhere everyone is someone!   (that’s their real slogan)

“BragShare… makes social media more meaningful by providing users and companies with a sophisticated and customizable new medium for creating and sharing memories, achievements, aspirations, and messages.

Because your life means something more than just 140 characters, BragShare’s new innovations provide social media users with a greater degree of power and control over their reputation and legacy.

This new social media resource enables you to aggregate, tag and share the past, present and future milestones that define your life and organizes them into one, easy-to-use timeline to help you describe who you are and what you are about.”


I mean, really!

Has it come to this?

Well, before you judge too harshly, be sure to check out BragShare’s “BragBoard“, the “Bragfeed“, and the “Bragline“.  Visit every day!

OK, the above all written with an intended cynicism and skepticism, but I suppose BragShare has its place in the pantheon of today’s “me” society, and the Pinterest-style display IS visually engaging.

Be sure to check out the Classifieds and the Jobs sections (see?…I can’t not be snarky about this!)…I’m sure they’re a cut above Fiverr!

Am I missing something here?  Has anyone else heard of this site?  Please let me know if it’s helping your marketing plan, and I’ll be all over it…’cause nothing else seems to be working for me right now.  :\




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