VoiceZam & Voiceover.biz: Webinar Today!

by | May 19, 2016 | World-Voices.org

Free-webinarNo other challenge to our 4-yr-old industry trade association has garnered as much attention as VoiceOver.bizWoVO’s online directory for pro talent.

There have been fits and starts for sure, and at times the learning curve was steep.  But we’ve found a comfortable plateau, now, and continue to refine its use.

Perhaps the hue and cry has risen the highest over our choice of VoiceZam‘s player as our choice of standardizing the demos presented on the site.

Exacerbating that choice was confusion over the payment arrangement, and – now – a call by the WoVO board for all members listed there to bring their profiles and demos up to speed.


Because we’re getting ready to market the HECK out of this site, and we want it to live up to high standards!  If producers go there to search for, say, eLearning talent… and half the profiles don’t even show an eLearning demo, then they will lose confidence in the site.

WoVO is not being dictatorial, it’s being diligent!

Here’s a schematic flow-chart that shows the progression through choices when setting up your VoiceZam player on VoiceOver.biz.

Even better, Thursday, May 19th, 2016 at 11am Pacific time, WoVO is inviting you to an online webinar to get your questions answered.   You WILL be able to answer questions of VoiceZam CEO Bob Merkel, Dan Lenard, Dave Courvoisier, and Chris Mezzolesta — all of whom will be panelists on the webinar.  It’s open for free to the first 100 attendees.  Here’s the link:  https://zoom.us/j/616245165.

You really should be a Pro WoVO member to join in.  But as long as there’s a seat available, c’mon down!




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