For Sale: One ISDN Codec

by | May 31, 2016 | ISDN

telos_xstream_1How long is it prudent to hang on to ISDN?…I mean…at a personal level?

We all know the TelCos are pretty much fed-up with losing money on the infrastructure that goes into keeping this dinosaur alive…at least in the hinterlands…as in: anywhere else besides NYC and LA.  Those phone companies are pricing out individual users, or just not even making ISDN installs available.

Although my monthly service fee for ISDN in Las Vegas is barely over $50, I’m back to the old Catch-22 of ISDN:  “A technology you need if you want to be considered for certain jobs…but only something you should get when those certain jobs start showing up.”

I’ve had ISDN, now for at least 7 years, and I think I’ve used it 7 times.  The ROI just isn’t there for me.  All those hoped-for big agency-led commercial jobs never materialized at a rate that would justify my keeping it.  Maybe in some sort of reverse-psychology kinda way, selling it will bring it on!

More likely, though, with the latest IP solutions falling into greater studio acceptance, it’s finally time to move on.  ipDTL especially, with it’s ISDN capability for incoming and outgoing calls — at higher fidelity than even ISDN — makes my codec a relic.  Add to that SourceConnect, ConnectionOpen, and even Skype as possible alternatives for distance recording, and you’ve got the final nail in the coffin. 

So…before it becomes anything more than a paper-weight.  I’m selling my gently-used Telos X-Stream codec.  Write me at [email protected] to discuss a price and shipping.  It’s a breeze to find my phone number almost anywhere, too…so call me if you’d rather.  Comes with the full manual.

My X-Stream works like a charm…it’s just getting lonely.




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