Yes, We Mean “World”

by | Feb 25, 2016 |, WoVOCon

globeIn April, World-Voices Organization will celebrate 4 years of existence during its third annual Conference.  We know we’re USA-born, but our intent has always been to embrace all countries, all cultures, any language.  The voiceover community may be varied, but we all share the same challenges.

For some time, now, we’ve been organizing a fun project called the “Shout-Out” video from various locales.  You can watch it below.  The approx. minute-long video shows our commitment to representing voice actors from around the world. We’re grateful for those who submitted their “shout-out” from a landmark in their area. 

Don’t see your entry?  That’s because you haven’t sent it in yet!  Get together with other WoVO members from your community, cut a quality video with good audio, and we’ll add it into the mix.

This might be a good time to mention that while it’s always a great idea to join WoVO at, it’s the BEST time to register for WoVOCon-III from now till the end of the month.  Then the early-bird pricing goes away.  Nearly 90 members are already signed-up!

Many thanks to all those who took the time to get us their video segment.  Enjoy!




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