Transparency Now: A Response

by | Nov 11, 2015 |

transparencynow_white_960We haven’t been sitting on our hands.

Last week’s tumult over the business practices of a popular online VO casting site hit home at the WoVO offices.  World-Voices Organization became a focal point for the reaction to some of the claims made in two interviews last week. 

Rightly so… the expectation among our almost 600 members — and even those outside of World-Voices — to organize a response was palpable.  After all, our slogan is “…we speak for those who speak for a living…”

The 10-11 board members of WoVO engaged in non-stop communications for the last week.  Hundreds of emails, phone calls, and communication on a digital back-channel was non-stop.  We wanted to avoid being swept-up in negativity.  Pay-to-Plays are not going to go away, but we expect them to play fair.  Our response was written and re-written many times over to hit the right mark, and you can click on the link below to read it.

Please feel free to disseminate this .pdf as you wish.  You may see this letter online in forums, social media, and even in a News Release.  As the only organized advocates for voice-actors globally, WoVO needs your help and participation now to be present in the marketplace with a strong voice.

Transparency Now.




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