Now, More Than Ever…We Need WoVO

by | Oct 29, 2015 |

wovo-line-finalLet me tell you what it’s like to sit where I sit in the WoVO organization. 

It’s awesome.

If I’m lucky, I’ll be voted in as the ACTUAL president of the organization… not just the interim president (members of the board will entertain my nomination today at the annual members meeting online).

The previous president — Dustin Ebaugh — handed me a gift.  Sure there’s a lot of work involved, but my eyes have been opened.  I thought I had a handle on the business of voice-overs.  I thought I knew the culture, the community, the good ‘n’ the bad.  Now I understand so much more.

I understand the broad spectrum of personalities, demands, and genres a lot better.  I’m seeing the marketplace differently.  I’ve been forced to recognize the vectors of power and flow. 

No, the secrets of the universe have not been revealed to me, but if nothing else, I have a much wider view of the landscape.  Freelance voice acting is promising and it is predatory.  It is changing and challenging.  It is elusive and elastic.

Above all, one thing is obvious, this community is groaning with the need for a cohesive structure.  SAG-AFTRA tried/is trying, but so many have lost hope in it.  Present and future marketplace forces have the power to ruin our way of life if we don’t find someone to speak for those who speak for a living.

So here we are in WoVO at the right place and the right time.  We’re thriving, but we’re also making the rules as we go, because no one has tackled these specific challenges before.

Our annual meeting will be held online today.  If you’re a member, you’ve already received an invitation.  Please join in to watch and listen as we take stock of accomplishments and the tests still ahead.  You’ll hear reports from all our committees…and MAN, there’s a lot going on!

If you want, you can make comments and ask questions during the 2-hour event.  Check your invitation for instructions.

Afterward, you’ll be asked to vote on certain board members, and at least one change in our by-laws.  This your prerogative and duty as a member to take part.  We hope you appreciate the lengths we’ve gone to insure transparency and openness in our process.

IF you are still sitting on the fence about WoVO….don’t. 


See what we’re about at  Join the 530+ members who are collectively taking more control of the business we’re in, and enjoying a community of professionals.

We’re going places.  I can see it.




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