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globaleconomyHow much of your work comes from overseas clients? 

Do they pay well? 

What kind of clients are they? 

How do they prefer to pay you?

I ask, not because I’m an expert on this issue (I have a few “foreign” clients), but because we keep hearing how the “global economy/marketplace” will change everything eventually.

Is the neutral North American accent in demand worldwide?  If so, how do we best position ourselves in this brave new world?

There are precious few answers, so I was hoping maybe to find some among the readers of this blog. 

Would you take 3 minutes and answer a simple 8-question survey I’ve composed?  I promise to share the results here on the pages of my blog as soon as I can compile them all.  Admittedly, it’s written with a North American perspective in mind, but feel free to answer the survey no matter your country.

Here’s the link to the Survey Monkey questionnaire:





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1 Comment

  1. Kate McClanaghan

    LOVE this, Dave! I’d really like to know, too!
    Can’t wait for the results!
    ; )


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