What’s in a Title?

by | Jul 1, 2015 | World-Voices.org

sealWe work to achieve titles.  We take pride in the status they convey, and we attach importance to them beyond their due.  Still, titles serve a purpose, I suppose.

Take terms like “Ambassador”, “General”, or “Senator”.  The connotation is inescapable.  “President” is another one.  It’s such a favorite, and so lofty that ‘President’ gets tossed around quite a bit these days.  You’re probably the ‘President’ of your freelance voice-over business.  You can be ‘President’ of an extermination (bug spray) service.  Presidents run Universities, corporations, and countries.

Now, I’m ‘President’ of WoVO.  Big deal?  Nah!  I used to be Vice President. That wasn’t a big deal either.

And yet….and yet, there are expectations.  Presidents LEAD, right?  I mean, the buck stops SOMEWHERE…. usually at the President’s desk.

Dustin Ebaugh led World-Voices Organization deftly for our first — tough — years.  His hand was steady, and his vision unwavering.  I hope I can emulate that.  You never fill someone’s shoes like that…you just become the keeper of the dream, and WoVO has dreams…oh, yes!  We have plans!

YOU are part of those plans if you’re a member.  If you are NOT a member, I have to ask why.  Now heading down the stretch to 500 members, clearly other VO professionals are embracing the ideals we keep.  If you have questions about us, visit our website:  http://www.world-voices.org.  If you don’t find the answers there…ask!!!

Many DO ask.  They ask what’s in it for them.  There’s an answer to that question, but it’s the wrong question to begin with.  The REAL question is “what can I do to contribute to the good of the voiceover community?”  We’re all about that.  Most people understand that, and they want to help.   Some people are just not “joiners”.  That’s OK, too.

Our basic goals:

  • Education
  • Advocacy
  • Promotion
  • Mentoring

There are other side ventures, to be sure.  WoVO’s Voiceover.biz site is a listing of our members’ demos, inviting producers and clients to discover us, and seek the right professional voice for their project.  We find ourselves increasingly drawn into ethical issues involving other major players in the voiceover marketplace.  We are not police, but neither will we sit idly by as unscrupulous principles take unfair advantage.  We are in talks with SAG-AFTRA to help them realize the changing marketplace.

One of these days, we’ll have enough members, and WoVO’s budget will be big enough that we can hire an executive director…even some staff.  But that moment is a ways away, and for the time being, your volunteer executive board continues on in dedication.

Please contact the board at [email protected] with any thoughts, concerns, or commitments.  We have an open-door policy in our transparent dealings with our members.  You are our strength, and we thank you for your support.




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