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by | May 4, 2015 | VO SociaMedia

abstract-circuit-background_G1OXb08_Seriously… the pace of our modern world has no parallel…no comparable period in human history.

We could revel in such a time of innovation, technical abundance, and information-sharing, but the truth is; it’s a challenge.

As we prepare for Wednesday’s #WoVOChat on Social Media Marketing for VO’s, I want to underscore that the skill you need to fine-tune is not that of understanding Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn as it is now, but how to constantly adjust to the CHANGES these platforms are making.

So the key talents to curry are agility, adaptation, willingness to change.

Three new services announced in just the last few days pay homage to these “change” skills.

Doug Turkel brought our attention to CleanFeed in the VO Pros FB group I administer with Terry Daniel.  CleanFeed is yet another Chrome Browser-based ISDN- alternative taking full advantage of  improving IP connectivity.  Right now it’s free.  Although it uses the same basic technology, it claims to be a higher-quality alternative to VOIP, Skype and expensive ISDN.  It has a drop-dead simple design, and easy-to-use connection for your clients.

At NAB, George Whittam learned about LinPhone.  Based on the same Opus codec that Skype uses, LinPhone lets you make audio and video calls using ANY web browser, has smartphone apps, and Windows, Mac, or Linux desktop programs.  What’s not to like?messenger-video-calling

 Finally — not to be outdone — FaceBook just announced a feature that lets you make VOIP voice calls through FaceBook Messenger over Cellular and Wi-Fi.  Good on iOS or Android.  Different than FaceTime?  Not really, just Zuckerberg forever tinkering with his toy.

These days, when I’m asked to talk about social media, I spend about half my time talking about how to stay on top of social media changes.  Mashable is a must.  TechCrunch is tops.  Social Media Examiner.  Social Media Today.  The list goes on and on.  Often the official blog of whatever-platform-it-is has the best info…certainly the latest.

Bottom Line?  Don’t worry so much about how YouTube Cards work (another new feature), ’cause in a couple of months, YT or Vine or Instagram or SnapChat will change something that changes everything.  

Be agile…then you’ll be able to keep pace.




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