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Abraham-Ganguzza-Courvoisier_betterSince 2007, I figure I’ve attended some 20 voiceover conferences.  Yeah…crazy isn’t it? 

I counted it up on my fingers three times just to be sure.  I’d agree with you if you think that I’m some kind of nut, or hog for punishment…but….but…my life is immeasurably blessed many times over for each encounter.  Relationships with all those like-minded voiceover souls is all that much more rich.  The success of my VO business can be linked directly to any number of nuggets gleaned from information shared in those meet-ups.

It’s true that voice actors probably hunger for more face-time with their peers than other freelancers.  Solitary though voice-acting2015-04-18 12.55.13-better can be…”gregarious” probably better describes the personality of the rank-n-file voice actor.

Add that to a strong emerging sense of duty to make our industry better, and you’ve just perfectly profiled the attendees at WoVOCon II this past weekend in Las Vegas.

Maybe you’ve seen the comments and pictures on social media already.  In this blog; a few more.  Virtually every one of the 80+ attendees came with different hopes, and left with unique experiences, but here are a SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESfew bullet-points that stand out in my mind:

  • WoVO’s membership is burgeoning…around 40 new members in the last month alone. (nearing 400 total)
  • The Voiceover.biz voice-matching website for WoVO professional members is ready for prime-time.
  • World-Voices Organization is prepared to begin offering a certification in technical standards.
  • Two board members resigning: Andy Curtis and Ann Richardson, are being replaced by Brad Venable and Pamela Lorence.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
  • Helpful resources for setting standards and aiding your VO business are growing in number on the WorldVO.org website.
  • Industry partners VoiceZam and Source-Elements previewed new product functionality at the event.
  • Plans are in motion to begin aggressive marketing to voice-seekers to show them the value of using Voiceover.biz.2015-04-19 19.05.02-better
  • WoVO is in the midst of dialogue with other major players in the entertainment business to raise awareness of the needs of voice actors
  • Numerous presentations made over the weekend, brought members up-to-date on the latest trends in business, social media, technical advances, recording techniques, and talent training.
  • virtual everyone was a star at the VO Karoake experience (some seriously good performances!)
  • Extensive brainstorming resulted in action items being assigned in a number of areas to improve SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTUREScommunication with, and help the businesses of our members

There’s more, but in the weeks ahead, you’ll be seeing the tangible results of work done this weekend. 

Not a WoVO member yet?  We’re the only VoiceOver Industry Trade Association promoting, advocating-for, educating, mentoring, setting best practices, and providing unique valuable resources for freelance voice actors.  SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSee how to join here:  http://www.worldvo.org.





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